• Fasting is Health Promoting

    Let's support their health in Ramadan

  • SEMA Operates 3 Hospitals to Fight Corona Virus in NW Syria

    To Save Hundreds of Lives

  • 6 Mobile Clinics Provide Health Services to the IDPs in the Camps

    Alleviate their Suffering

Syrian Expatriate Medical Association SEMA


SEMA was established in response to the dramatic increase in number of injuries, which portended a dangerous future. Holding to their oath to ease the suffering of the wounded, a group of loyal Syrians including doctors and health professionals along with expatriates in various countries around the world called upon each other and decided to establish this humanitarian relief body (the Syrian Expatriate Medical Association - SEMA). SEMA was launched in mid-2011, and it has obtained its official recognition and registration in many countries of the European Union, such as France, Britain and Italy as well as in Turkey and it is still receiving recognition and accreditation in many other countries of the world.

SEMA’s 2019 in Numbers

أيقونات الإحصاءات_المرافق - أحمر

Medical Facilities

أيقونات الإحصاءات_الخدمات - أحمر

Medical Services

أيقونات الإحصاءات_الكوادر - أحمر

Medical Personnel

أيقونات الإحصاءات_الاستشارات - أحمر

Medical Consultations

أيقونات الإحصاءات_العمليات الجراحية - أحمر


أيقونات الإحصاءات_التحاليل - أحمر

Medical Tests & Analyses

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The Syrian Expatriate Medical Association - SEMA publishes monthly bulletins and annual reports presenting the scale of the work, achievements, and the most important news along with success stories