A female child, called R.A, was born in Al-Ekhaa Specialized Hospital, supported by SEMA, through an elective cesarean section delivery without any major complications. The baby was examined immediately after birth and all of the vital signs were normal.
However, few hours later, she developed a slight dyspnea and was consequently moved to the incubators section. In the morning of the following day, the dyspnea worsened, so the health care team conducted new examinations and it was realized that she had bilateral spontaneous pneumothorax.

An emergency thoracentesis was performed for the child by a specialized supervisor in Al-Ekhaa Hospital, and the child was put on ventilation. Her case was closely followed up by a group of SEMA’s consultants who are responsible for supervising the ICU unit through online means.

After several days, the child’s case noticeably improved so she was removed from the ventilator and her feeding was gradually scaled up until she was discharged of the hospital and became in good condition.

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