Syrian Expatriates Medical Association (SEMA) announces the extension of the
bidding period for the sealed envelope to supply a car for Ambulance in the
Idlib area.
• Tender Reference Number: PR-2020096
• SEMA, is a an independent non-profit organization for medical relief ,
established officially in Turkey in 2013 with the aim of providing medical
services at all levels for all people in need irrespective of religion, race, color,
political affiliations, in order to improve the medical infrastructure and restore
of the Syrian society on the principles of justice, equality and freedom.
 Tender terms: written in the instruction file, please adhere to it.
 Important note: any of the conditions written in the instruction file is not
fulfilled, the offer is completely rejected.
• The offers will be delivered exclusive on this email address , and should be in
pdf version with high quality: [email protected]
• The deadline for receiving offers is Thursday 09-04-2020 at 05:00 pm Turkish
time as the last date for receiving offers (delivery is limited to one day and no
offers will be accepted neither before this date nor after this date).
• to get the technical specifications and required documents for tender, please
follow the link below: