To clarify to our Syrian people, to those interested in public opinion, our donors, supporters and followers around the world, we confirm the necessity of dealing with The Syrian Medical Association for Syrian Expatriates (SEMA) Expatriates – especially the global one, and to obtain information and news, and to respond to calls for action from the official sources of the Association. We call on our followers, supporters and beneficiaries to be wary of dealing with fake websites, fake social media pages that impersonate the Association in its internationally known name; SEMA International. Especially that page, which recently appeared on the Facebook platform “SEMA International”, to exploit the well-known name of The Syrian Medical Association for Syrian Expatriates (SEMA) and part of its slogan in promoting their work, and to delude donors and beneficiaries that represents the known SEMA to you.

Over the past 10 years, The Syrian Medical Association for Syrian Expatriates (SEMA) has worked to stand by our Syrian people by providing various types of medical relief and education assistance to our people in Syria and the displaced countries, and has made a lot of sacrifices through its dedicated medical staff and supporters.
It established the name “SEMA” to become the name of the Medical Association for Syrian Expatriates – SEMA, a significant Syrian national mark in the field of relief and medical services in northern Syria, and provided its services as part of the Syrian people to millions of people in need through a decade of bitter war, making the name (SEMA) a good fingerprint and present in the hearts and minds of millions of Syrians benefiting from its services.
Given the importance and gravity of the situation, and in order to ensure the sensitivity of the data that can be collected by those who impersonate a particularly illegal person, we at SEMA confirm the following:
• There is no connection between the Syrian Expatriate Medical Association (SEMA) and this so-called SEMA International, and we disclaim our responsibility for any activities, events, projects and data issued by it, or contacts with donors, governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutions, whether in Syria or abroad.
• We warn our supporters, beneficiaries and followers not to interact with any links that may be sent to them or reached by them for the possibility that these links may be a means of penetrating your privacy or persuading you to donate by impersonating (SEMA), thereby illegally stealing your money and data.
• The Syrian Medical Association for Syrian Expatriates (SEMA)declares that it reserves its legal right to prosecute the association’s impersonators and official knowledge, and the promoters of the forged pages; To obtain news and updates of campaigns and projects from the official website of the Association (, which is the only exclusive site authorized by the official permit under the name SEMA, in addition to the rest of the official and exclusive identifiers of the Association on social media according to the following exclusive identifiers: