Dr. Hassan Maghrabi, Executive Director of the Medical Association for Syrian Expatriates, opened a three-part workshop at the surgical hospital in Idlib (Radiology Department – Operations Department – Intensive Care Department) yesterday morning in the presence of a delegation from the Health Directorate in Idleb. ADLP, and the directors of the centers supported by SEMA.

The Radiology Department provides a number of modern devices that are missing from the liberated Syrian interior, in order to provide quality medical services to patients (such as a radiographic device, a mammography device, a fixed radiographic device). These devices allow accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of many diseases, Polycystic ovaries) also helps to detect early breast tumors.
Dr. Mughrabi also inaugurated the hospital immunization project, which is of great importance in protecting patients and medical staff from any shelling of the hospital or the area.

The Medical Association for Syrian Expatriates is working hard to provide hospitals and centers with high-quality equipment to help diagnose and treat effectively,