Nutrition and Community Health

The Syrian Expatriate Medical Association (SEMA) focused on the preventive and awareness aspects that comprised different nutrition programs supporting children and mothers. SEMA’s projects integrated nutrition services, and malnutrition prevention and treatment into the services offered through the primary health care centers and hospitals, and this was applied in 14 of SEMA’s centers. In addition, SEMA also concentrated its efforts on community health services that actively contribute to bridging the gap between the health centers and the community, and provide the needed health advice for people along with correcting their misconceptions. This program also contributes to reducing morbidity rates through ensuring healthy life styles in the targeted communities.

SEMA is considered one of the leading and proactive organizations in developing the nutrition and community health program, as it has established this program to be comprehensive and in line with the standards of the World Health Organization. To increase access and provide better coverage of services, SEMA trained and qualified more than 100 community health workers who were later deployed in different locations in north of Syria. 

Moreover, community teams were added to more than 34 communities, and special tents, dedicated for nutrition services, were established in the camps to provide all nutrition services including consultations and referrals for cases that need treatment in specialized centers.

Nutrition & Community Health Program 2020 in Numbers


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