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A Step of Hop

Abdulmawla was a young man at his tender-age when his life has turned upside down, like a real nightmare, since he lost one of his lower limbs during the long-standing Syrian crisis over the last 7 years.

Although despair was about to take his life, he did not give up and he kept struggling to survive until he arrived at the Syrian National prosthetic centre in which he highly believed and was being served and provided with the comfortable fitting prosthesis and the needed physiotherapy sessions.

Today, the strong-willed Abdulmawla is ready to share his story with others and to give hope to many conflict-affected amputees who haven't yet the chance to get back their own deserved lives.

SEMA together with a number of Syrian partners have been prioritizing this unique service by supporting the functioning of the prosthetic centres in Turkey, Jordan, and inside Syria in Idlib Governorate (in addition to one mobile clinic), More than 5,000 amputees were rehabilitated since the launch of these project. More than a thousand of them were registered in last year.

Given that, the reality is bitter, challenges are numerous, and resources are limited. We call upon all of you to extend the hand and to participate in supporting this project that has a very prominent role in alleviating the pain of the thousands of amputees and that helps them re-enhance their roles in the society.

Helping people who lost their limbs in Syria by installing new prosthetic Limbs for them, and revive hope in them

  On Tuesday, 3-10-2018, 4 Months

Campaign remaining time

Upper Prosthetic Limb

830 $

Lower Prosthetic Limb

990 $

Orthotic Device

530 $

Campaign Target: 30,000 US Dollars

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