Dr. Abdul Hanan Al-Jouja, Director of the Office of the Syrian Expatriate Medical Association (SEMA) in Turkey and Dr. Firas Faris, Director of the Programs Department, met a delegation from the Society of Humanitarian Mercy on 31/8/2018 at the Association’s headquarters in Gaziantep Turkey.

The delegation included Dr. Mohammed bin Hassan Al-Soudi, President of Al-Baraka Foundation in Yemen which is represented by the Society of Humanitarian Mercy in Turkey, accompanied by Dr. Mohammed Mahfouz, Health Sector Officer and Dr. Abdul Majid Hassan, Director of Public Relations.

During the meeting, Dr. Al-Soudi gave a presentation on the most important achievements and projects presented by the Association in Yemen. The guests focused on the reputation of the Association through the high quality and efficient medical services provided in the liberated Syrian areas.

The two sides discussed ways to strengthen relations in the humanitarian medical field, and provide assistance to medical staff through improving the capabilities, efficiency and quality of medical care for our people in Yemen.