The medical team at Wassim Husain Hospital achieved to save the life of a child whose age less than a year old after his parents brought him to the hospital. He was unconscious because of a metal object which blocked his airway.

The qualified medical staff immediately examined the child whose heart is about to stop and, they did emergency aid. They set the oxygen device; however, all efforts did not work. The team decided to start surgery without slowing down.

Within the team’s effort in surgery and after several attempts, they were able to took out a metal “screw” about 10 cm. The child turned into normal when he was intubated and oxygenated.

After the examination of the child by the team of the hospital supported by the Syrian Expatriate Medical Association of  “SEMA” to ensure the disappearance of the danger and improved health, the child was discharged from the hospital is in good health.